Why Is My Website Not Showing Up?

Edmonton SEO

For many businesses in Edmonton SEO or search engine optimization is something they feel is not needed for their website. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The number of visitors and amount of business conducted on the Internet continues to grow year after year. If your company does not have a decent presence on the web,  you will be left behind and you will lose potential customers. We help Edmonton businesses show up on generic Google searches.

Organic Search Engine Optimization

The cost of adwords on Google has increased dramatically over the years. Many clicks sell for well over $20 when you want to show your ad near the top of the paid area. This makes organic SEO a good investment for the long-term. Remember, more visitors equals more business.

Adword Campaigns

We also help businesses with aggressive adword campaigns.  Google adwords are a fantastic way of getting instant exposure for your website. They are a powerful method for promotions and branding. If you are interested in options, give us a call at 780-479-5811.

Organic SEO vs Adwords

One of the observations we have made over the years is that people will generally select an organic result over the adword equivalent on searches. A recent study in England shows that 94% of surfers will click on an organic result vs 6% for the adword.

Among the 94% choosing an organic result, about 60% will pick one of the top three organic search results.
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